delete memories trending rain reels editing

delete memories trending rain reels editing

video editing

hi friends in this posts i show you how to edit and all matrials how to download the matrials very easy and here is some steps to editi this type of reels editing so here is some steps to edit so . these rain reels are trend on insta and other platform so how to edit this type of reels lets begin

so friends how to download the matrial for reels editing

so friends here is some so friends tap on the download bottom and redirct to google drive page to download the all matrials like rain and music and lyrics .

how to edit the video thunder effect and rain effect

so friends record the video and add the rain video on the thunder affect on vn so frieds tap on the tap and add sticker and add the thunder video and then tap on main model video and add the duplicate option and tap on the duplicate video and add forward option in the vn app and and scroll the video and as same and add the chroma key and make video transparent so friends here tap on the tap and add sticker option add the rain video and make it transparent so tap on blending option and tap on screen make it transparent . export it . so then add lyrics video and add the edited video then add music and export it.

video song all matrials download



friends how didi you like this post ans i hope you edit this type of video editing very easy and how did you like this post . wha kind of post would you like to see in this blog and like and comment us if you have any problem comments us.

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