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anh camera iphone capcut template link 2023

video editing

friends if you make this type of video editing in instagram reels or tiktok then this post is going to be special for you because in this you have been told about anh camera i phone capcut template link 2023 how you have made your video with the help of this anh camera capuct template everything has been told below define read till the end . so friends read carefully.

how to edit the video

to edit videos , you will need an application called capcut app. you have to install this app in your mobile and also need a anh camera iphone capcut template link 2023 , you will find the link below and most of the shorts videos are edited by these apps and whatever matrial will be used in editing the video you will find below

how to use anh camera iphone capcute template link 2023

friends steps one to edit the video first you have to download the vpn app and connect it after that you wikk need an j camera capcut template link 2023 that you can edit the video, you will find the template below so friends tap on the template link and get all this here friends make sure you conect the internet first and add your video or photo on it and tap o the prevew option and play the video and save the video or export the video .

tap on the export the video and exporting will start export will start and export without water mark and export with watermark atap on the export eithout watermark and save the video.

and add the video to vn app and

to add the video to vn app and add the and add the viral music on it tap on the download matrial link in the video description tap on the video to redirect to tap on the titel and add the description save downlad the video to add the musice and extract the music tap on the music and add the music on it tap on the extract video and add the viral video on it and save the music.

anh capcut template link

friends to use the anh capcut template anh camera capcut link 2023 , you will get an option below , by clicking you can easily use anh camera iphone capcut template in your mobile.

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template link

how to use vn video editor so friends to use vn video editor app there will ba an option on the side from there you can stop the music and now to add the music to the video we will have the option of audio on the side clicking then go to music and some music and some music will be shown , which will be in your mobile , plus icon will be shown on the side , you have to click and some option will come

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you have to click on extract vide from video and the music will come in the first , you have to add music by clicking on choose and you can add music to the video in theis way and you have to remove the black layer which will be in the last after you have to save the video , to save the video in your mobile , there will be a download option above , after selecting the quality click and save the video in your mobile .


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