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Being AI Smoke name image generator | being image creator promts

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friends are you looking for being ai smoke name image generator , so dont worry you are in the right place . i am going to tell you how to make name image . my name is tushar from tr editz official channel and i have come up with this article just for you . i hope you can also subcribe to our channel . on that too a video editing video is uploded everyday . channel name ( tr editz)

how to make smoke name image

friends if you also want to make 3d smoke name image , then just stay with us till the end . i am going to tell you by step by step.

  • to create smoke name image , you have to click on the button named ( CREATE YOUR IMAGE 0given below .
  • whatever you want in your image , you can write it in the promts . we are going to make name image , so we write it accordingly.

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Prompts 1#

As a hot coffee cup rests on the table, thin wisps of rainbow-colored smoke rise, swirling gracefully and forming the letters of a name: papu.

Prompts 2#

Dark and mysterious tone background with a central light that is created from a lit match with a beautiful flame. One hand is holding the match; details of the hand are visible. The smoke that emanates from the match is dense and colorful, transforming into letters that float in the air. The letters ”papu” are made up of smoke in vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, blue and pink. The background of the image is dark, making the colors of the smoke even moreprominent.

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