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dill toh pagal hay x satya trending reels editing

video editing

hi friends in this article i show how to edit this type of reels in your phone , so friends if you run instagram reels at this time inyone uplodes this type of video then in thire video like comment viewer are coming and masking this type of video , you will need a appliction and some matrials and you will find it in the post below will have to read carefully til the end.

20230529 003046

how to edit the video

to edit videos , you will ned an application called capcut , you have to install this app is vn app and open the app and add your video on it and add some next level effect on it so tap on the filter and add black and white effect on it . and save it and add the bird png on it so tap on the tap and add sticker option add the add the bird png on it add the bird video tap on the chroma key tap on it to remove the sky background .and another way to tap and add the sticker option. and next add the lyrics option add the lyrics onit and tap on the lyrics and tap on the blending option tap on the screen option then save it and save the video. so friends add the same exported video and add the animation on it so friends tap on the tap and add sticker option and add the viral video and add the new and see the when video animate and cut this positon so friends add the animation on it so friends add fx option and add some fx on it first use zoom out fx and you can add the all fx.

how to downlod the metrial

so scrool down the page get a download bottom add the get all the metrial so friend scroll the page to end and get all download .

video song all metrial-download


friends dill to pagal hay x satya reels editing how did you like the post what kind of post would you like to see next on this blog of ours ? if you have any problems / query you can ask me in the comment box below and i will try to answer it soon .

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