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hi friends in this post here i show you how to dit the auto caption in your video .friends you also watch youtube shorts and instagram reels all this video platfor you seethe auto caption and subtitle reels & shorts so how to add this type subtitle in your android phone 2023. so friend lets get started. auto caption instagram reels.

auto caption,

so friends many viewers boost followers and retention as an influencer many people scrolling through video are watching them muted , or hav a hard time hearing in this year anything in background noise and by adding subtitle to videos ypu can make video more accessable. making subtitle makes your videods easier and undrstandable and more engaging keeps somthing constsntly. changing on the screen and keep ypur viewers engaged , so they will watch you videos longer and engage more with connect professional quality subtitle for videos directly from the app will make your content stand out from the croud thus helpeing you grow your audience.

subtitle your videos add subtitle to videos autometicaly with our artificial intelleigence (A.I) powerd subtitle generator quickly creates closed caption from ypur videos from audio.

our app transcribe your videos and autometicaly adds beautiful subtitle you can edit autometically generated subtitle b costomizing text placemaent on vido. change font style and emoji to video and much more.

how to download the app

app and mterial for download you can see the download bottom below. by clicking on it you can easily download the metrials in your mobile.

so friends you can increase social media presence with subtitle on all plateforms

1-autometicaly generate subtitle for tiktok videos and instsgram reels

2-create autopmeticaly subtitle for youtube video shorts

3-beautifull presets for subtitle for instsgram reels .

4-preset to export subtitle for twiter ,linkdin,pintrest

5-and facebook videos

6-you can add coustome icon resolution

edit video subtitle closed caption of videos

transcation video and edit

subtitle manualy rotate video in wrong orientation edit video font style

add emojis to videos

trim video zoom in or out video

easy to use

1- select video you want to subtitle

2-hose where you want to use your subtitle videos ( titok ,instagram,reels ,youtubeshorts,etc.)

3- subtitle will be autometically added to the vide

4- edit subtitle add adjust font stule and position of subtie as you like

5-share yopur video on social media.



so friends how to dd auto caption /subtitle in reels & shorts android 2023 how did you like the post what kind of post wold you like the post wold you like see the next on this blog of ours ?IF YOU HAVE ANY question marek and quare you can ask me inthe comment box below and i will try to answer it soon.

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