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hi friends in this post you have been told about kgf template capcut link 2023 , how you have to use this template and where you will get the link of therse twmplates, for this post till the end only then understand everything . i will come and this capcut template is going very viral at the moment . if you make a video and uplode it live news will come in your video.

how to edit this video

friens to edit this video you will need an aaaapplication called capcut app , you have to install this app in your and kgf template capcut link will also be founded below and most of the shorts videos are edited by these apps .and whatever matrials will be used in editing the video below you will find the download link how to editi this video.

how to use kgf template capcut

friend steps to edit this video

to edit the video , first you have to download vpn app and connect it , after that you will need a template from which you can edit the video , you will find the template link below whenever you click on the template link . the template will open in front of you and when you click on the use template your phones gallery your phones gallery will open you have to select a video which you want to edit after that you have to click on export and it will take some time after that video will be edited.

friends second steps to edit the video after the video is exported some option will be shown , such as reducing the quality of the video and saving the video with watermark you have to save the video without watermark and again the exposure after completion , some apps will appear below you have to click on other or 3 dot and some apps will appear , you have to select vn video editor app , so that the video will go directly inside vn editor app.

to use kgf template capcut link 2023 ,you will get a template link option below , by clicking you can easily use kgf template capcut in your mobile.

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capcut template link-use

now you have to add music to the video with the help of vn video editor app , for that first of all we have to stop the music the video which of the video which er have shared in vn app there will be an option on there you can stop the music now we have to stop the video to add the music ther will be an opiton of audio in the side , clicking then go to the music and add some music will be shown which will be in your mibile , plus icon will be shown in the side , you have to click and some option will come.

1-kgf template 2023

2-kgf template

3-5 kgf template reeliting

4-kgf template

5-kgf capcut template

you have to click on extract from the video and the music will come in first in the

you have to add the music by clicking on choose music to the video in this way and you have to remove the black layer which will be in the last . after you have to save the video in your monbile there will be a download option above and after selecting the quality click and save the video in your mobile .


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