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koi apna ho ya paraya trending dark effect and flash effect reels editing

video editing

hi friends in this posts we shared how to edit the dark effect and flash effect so frinds how to edit this video in your mobile so friends in instagram and reels you see this type video editing how to edit this type of video editing and this type of reels are viral now in instagram how to edit this and all matrial here for you.friends my self tushar from treditz offical channel

how to edit this video vn app

friends step one to edit this video you recod the video usinge sky and in background and you can easily change the video bckground using sky and add the bird video on it and tap on the tap and add sticker add the bird video so friends tap on this how to edit this so friends edit tap on the chroma key and very easily edit this type of video make it transparent and only birds are here. and save the video

and add this video to prewual app add this video to prewual app free on the playstore and tap on the filter and add the dark filter on it search dark filter so this video will become black and dark colour you can use adjust option in this prequel app and export it .

open vn app and add the lyrics app in the vn app link below and add the edited video that prequel app and add the video and add music in this video editing tap on the music option add the and tap on the extract option add the add the video ad the music will be extracted and save the video.

open the vita app and the video on it to add the flash effect and blur effect so friends tap on the effect option add the blure effect and add the flash affect on it . so tap on the new option then scroll the effect add the flash in the video .

how to download matrial

tap on the download you redirect the google drive option download the video

song and alll matrial

video somng all matrials-download

1-dark and flash effect

2-dark effect reels editing

dark effect


friends how did you like this type of video edititng and ehich type of video editing you like comment us and give us feedback using comment box we are sure to solve your problem.thankl you for being with us love you all.

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