mahiya x bohemia reels editing vn


hi friends in this article i show you how to edit the new song mahiya x bohemia song reels so fiends how to edit this reels in vn so friends . new trending video editing so here is some step to edit. in this article you have been told about trending video editing of tiktok and instagram reels if run instam tiktok you must seen the mahiya x bohemia song reels in instagram . the video is going vial a the moment so to make this type of video you need a application its name is vn app and you will also need a template from which is the video will be made in just 3 steps . i have told you everything in post below read carefully.

how to edit the video in vn app

to edit this type of video you will need application called vn app and this app is free in playstore so friends you can download the app . and open the app and add your video on it and tap on the new project and add you video footage on it and tap on the tap on tap and add sticker option add the viral video on it and add the video and cut the main video so tap on the main video vut the video when the animation in overlay video . and tap on the third video so tap on filter option add p1 filte and tap on the adjust option and tap on the satiuration option increase the 100 and tap on the temprature and and decrese the temprature 0 %. then tap on the 4th video and add the filter on it and add another filter and add the blue filte on it so add the filter and tap on the saturation increase 100 and tap o tempreture decrese0%. and then add animation on the video so tap on the video show plus icon tap on it .add the zoom option zoom one and tap on the next plus icon and and add the animation on it add the plus icon add the zoom animation on it. and tap on the third video tap on the zoom tool and add animation on it . then tap on the next option add the animation on the video.

then tap on the layer video and extract the audio . then export the video.

and tap on the vita app open the app connect the app and add the video in app and tap on the setting app and untick the watermark option . and add the effect on it tap on the effect option and all effect shown and find the bling option and and get the blure option and halo blure and box blure option tap on it and add this video .and exportthis video.


hi friends mahiya x bohemia song reels editing how did you like this post what kind of post you like seen next on this of your of you have any problems / quary you can ask me in the connect box below i will try answer soon.

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