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others vs me capcut template link 2023

video editing

friends in this article i show you how to edit the new others vs me capcut template link 2023 how you edit this video editing so friends lets get start so friends myself tushar tr editiz channel so friends if you run instagram and tiktok you see this type of video editing so friends this type of video ediiting are viral now in instagram so how to edit this type of video editing easy way and one click

how to edit the video

so friends to edit the video you need an application called capcut app and vpn so friends connect vpn first and open the capcut app and tap on the use template link others vs me capcut template link 2023 tap on the template link and add your photos on it and your gallery will opwn and tap on the photos tap on the photo and you can tap on the crop option and make the crope image to make intance size . and tap pn the prevew option so tap on the prevew and see the video editing and tap on the ecxport option so exporting will starte

and wait export you can select resolution so tap on the 1080 p resolution high resolution export the video to save the gallery .

HOW TO USE others vs me capcut template link 2023

friends to edit the video , first you have to download vpn app connect it after that you will need a others vs me capcut template link 2023 template link so that you can edit the video . you will find the template link below whenever you template on use template your phones gallery will open , you have to select a video which you want to edit the after that the vide will be edited.

after the vide is exported , some option will be shown , such as reducing quality and of the video and saving the video with watermark or saving without watermark you have to save the video without watermark and start exporting again . will go after the exporting is complete some apps will appear tap on the vn video editor app and save the video uoru use the new trending song on the vn video editor app.

others vs me capcut template link 2023

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how to us vn video editor

now we to use vn video editor to add tending music on it to the video the help of vn video editor app. for that first of all we have to stop the music of the video which we have shared in vn app . there will be an option on the side , from there you can stop the music . now to add the video . we will have the optin of audio on in your mobile . plus icon will be shown on the side . you have to click and some option will come .you willl click extract option extract the video to save thte vide tap on the save video.


so friends how did you like this type of video editing so you can comment us for more editing you can commet for more reeels editing i am sure replay you . thak you for being with us love you all.

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