salam rocky bhai trending reels editing new reels

salam rocky bhai trending reels editing kgf reels editing

video editing

hi friends here is the new post how to edit the rocky bhai trending reels editing so friends here is the new tending reels edititng hwo to edit this very easy way to edit friends if you run instagram app you see this type of reels editing here is how to edit in this post and how to download all matrials .

how to edit the video

friends to edit the video you need a application that called capcut app and the vpn app so friends the vpn app is free in playstoore you can easily downoload the app and you connect the vpn and add your videoon capcut app and tap on the capcut app and and tap on the viral video add the viral video tap on the overly icon add the chose the viral video so friends see the viral video animation and split the main video animation then split the main video area and make this icon and tap on the effect add the blure on the 3rd split and add some animation on it .

tap on the daimond zoom blure option and make this type of blure very easy so friends .and tap first split video add the sake effect on it and tap on the second video add the black flash effect and add the effect .then add the animation an every aplit video the play the video and tap on the overlay video and delete the video.

then add music on it so friends tap on the add audio option add the audio tap on viral video tap on import sound only so sound will be extracted .

how to download the matrial

friends to download the matrial here is some steps to download tap on the download battom add the you redirect to gogle drive page and you download the matrials tap onthe downlaod bottom.



how did like this type of video editing and how did you like this tpe of reels comment us.

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