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video editing

hi in this post i show you know what is about show mw in your snapchat template , if you want to make video in this way , then you will need an application vn video editor app application with the help of which you can make video easily everything has been told in the post below finally read carefully .

how to edit show me your snapchat template

to make a video , you will first need an application called vn video editor you can download this application for free on google play store and most of the shorts videos are made by you.

to make video you have to first install vn app from google playstore then open this application and you will see a normal interface in front of you have to open a new project by clicking on the plus icon and you have a you have to add the photo , after that clicking on the date you will see the link of a video in front of you , whose last you want to take and a black spot will appear you have to remove it , you will see the delet option below.

how to download the matrial

to download the matrial , you will get an option bwlow by clicking show me your snapchat template you can easily use it in your mobile. tap on matrial link

matrial link

and the lenth of the photo is to be 4 second ,after that video clicp has to be added , you will see a 1 plus icon next to the video by clicking on it you have to add the video clip that you have download , after that the video and photo to adjust you can apply transion or effect to apply tramsation you will see a plus icon between video and photo cliking. and you will see some transition whatever you like you have to put it in the video to put it , you have to click on the video you will see the fx option below , you can open it and put it in the video.

and now we have to add music for that the option of audio will appear on the side from there you can add music if you want to separate music from a video for that you can bring music to the video with the help of extract audio. are


friends show me your snapchat template how did you like the post what kind of post ? what kind of post would you like to see next on this blog of ours if you have any problems quary you can ask me in the comment box below and i will try to answer it soon.

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