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tere liye trending song lyrics reels editing vn

video editing

hi friends in this posts how to edit the new tere liye song reels editing so friends all matrials here so friends how to edit the video very easy so lets edit . so friens lets me introduce myself tushar from treditz offical youtube channel i show how to edit this and all matrials how to download mattrial very easy so lets begin.

so friends open vn app and add your video on it and add you video and tap on the tap and add sticker option add the sky on it and tap on the main video and duplicate it and make it forward so friends soll the video same as first video so then tap on the layer video and tap on the chroma option and add the chroma picker on the sky and increase the intensity and decrese the spell option and make it transparent. save it.

then re open vn app and add the lyrics video and add the edited video and add text on it and save it.

how to download all matrials very easy

so friends here some steps to download the matrials

step one tap on the download redirect to the googledrive bottom and get all the video song here

video song all matrial download


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