under the influencer capcut template

Under the influencer capcut template 2023

video editing

hi friends in this post how to edit the new capcut template link 2023 it has been told that how to make your video using this under the influencer capcut template for that you have to install the application on your mobile whose name is capcut app and template with the help of which you can easily make videos everything is explained step below please read till the end

how to edit the video

friends to edit the video you will need an application caled capcut app . you have to install this app in your mobile and also need under the influencer capcut template link 2023 , you will find the link below and most of the shorts videos are edited by these apps and whatever matrial will be used in editing the video you will find the download link below .

how to use under the influencer capcut template

to edit the video first you have to download vpn app and connect it after that you will need a under the influencer capcut template link below whenever you will tap on the template link click on the link template will open in front when you click on use the capcut template your phones gallery will open you have to select a video which you want to edit after that you have to click on export option this some this will take time after the video will be edited .

after the video wil be edited tap on the export option and the video is exported . some option will be shown . such as reducing the quality of the video and saving the video with watermark or saving without watermark . you have to save the video without watermark and start exporting .

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How To Use Vn Video Editor App

1 Step: Now we have to add music to the video with the help of Vn video editor
app. for that first of all we have to stop the music of the video which we have
shared in VN App, there will be an option on the side, from there you can stop
the music. Now to add music to the video, we will have the option of audio on
the side, clicking, then go to music and some music will be shown, which will br
in your mobile, plus icon will be shown on the side. you have to click and some
options will come
You have to click on extract form video and the music will come in the first. you
have to add music by clicking on Choose and you can add music to the video in
this way and you have to remove the black layer which will be in the last. After
you have to save the video, to save the video in your mobile, there will be a
download option above, and after selecting the quality, click and save the vided
in your mobile.


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