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video editing
20230612 191919

hi friends this post teaching about instagram reels trending name art video editing , if you run instagram reels then you must have seen urban jungle font name video , at this time tthi svideo is becoming very viral in instagram reels if you want to make a video .yes you will need an application called pixelab and a viral name video capcut template with the help of which you can create the video you have been told everything in the post below , read carefully till the end.

you can add jungle or any text there will be an option of plus below to write text , by clicking you have to open new text and write your name or you can write anything ,after that you can adjust that text properly in the background . have to do , then to change the front of the text , you will see some option below, you have to move it.

and you will see the option of front , you have to open it ans you will see many fronts of you have to go to my front and add urban jungle front ,for that you will see the icon above and you have tio add the front by clicking below . will get the link of

how to download matrials

to use viral name video capcut template , you will get an option below , by clicking you can easily download the matrials in your mobile.

jungle background

front link

after the front is added , urban jungle front has to be applied in text and now you can create your name photo you can save the photo you can save the photo in your mobile by clicking on the share option above.

To create a video from a photo, you can make it with VN Video Editor Aap, you can download this application from Google Play Store, after that you have to open it and you will see a normal interface in front of you, you can open a new project by clicking on the plus icon. Have and add that photo

Which was saved from the pixel lab application, after that many options are seen below to effect in the photo, you can add transition or effect or you can apply Fx, there will be option of Fx below, from there you can apply effect. Yes and to save the video, the download icon will appear above, from there you can save the video in your mobile.


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